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Why International DataBases?

We provide data that integrates seamlessly into your RAMPS rating system. You simply use the RAMPS import function.

We provide and update the tens- or perhaps hundreds-of-thousands of records you need to do accurate billing.

We categorize all prefixes for easy rating implementation:

local, regional and national calls

distance rating if applicable

in-country and international mobile

in-country and international premium, toll free, personal and portable numbers, non-geographic numbers, special numbers and directory assistance. 

We provide full technical support to Amdocs for reconciliation of your questions and concerns.

Having consistent and accurate data makes it easy to implement rating and will reduce your customer support expenditures.

For a description of the data we provide, click here.

For information on call jurisdictions in some sample countries, click here.


Global Mobile Record Counts

We are now tracking over 100,000 global mobile prefixes, with new prefixes  being added in each update.


In Country Record Counts

Here are some statistics on the number of prefixes now being tracked within representative countries:

Germany: 457, 465

Mexico: 56, 806

United Kingdom: 43, 728

To discuss ordering or obtain more information, please use the information on the Contact Us page.




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